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Meadow Creek BBQ Equipment is a Manufacturer located in New Holland, PA. All equipment is made in this Amish Community by true professional craftsmen. These smokers are second to none when it comes to fit and finish and all come standard with Stainless Steel grates. Since 1980, Meadow Creek has provided outdoor cooking enthusiasts with the tools to get superior results consistently. We not only offer a broad variety of grills and roasters for commercial use, but the same quality equipment for backyard chefs as well. Whether you are cooking for four on Saturday night or four hundred at the fire company benefit you will find the right size and style to meet your requirements. We are just as serious about providing efficient, cost effective cookers as you are about the meal that you will serve to your guests, and encourage you to consider one of our units, or contact us with your custom requirements.

Pig Roasters

Pig Roaster1_MCPig Roasters utilize an even distribution of heat swirling around the closed lid for uniform cooking, without burning the meat. Smoke fills the open cavity and under the skin as the fat is rendered down, flavoring the meat in a way unlike any other method. Whole pigs are placed on the rack and the lid is closed and not opened again until the meat is ready.

Road WorthyPigRoaster_MC



  • All PR series cookers come equipped with a stainless steel thermometer installed in the lid to monitor the roaster temperature.
  • A 13 gauge drip pan drains undesirable fats through a tube to the outside of the unit. The pan prevents charring from the coals and allows a pig to be cooked without turning.
  • All transportable units have easy lube hubs.


Tank Smokers





Smokers are considered by purists to be what barbecue is all about. Low temperatures and slow cooking allow flavor to develop in a natural, delicious way. The result is the most tender and juicy meat, every time.





  • 3 rack warming oven with thermometer (top). All TS smokers are built with 1/4″ steel fireboxes. Heavy duty charcoal racks and slide out ash pans are also standard.
  • The heavy duty grease trough and spigot make cleanup quick and easy.
  • Standard on all TS Series smokers are convenient slide out removable grates.
  • Easy-open positive latches are used to secure all door.


Chicken Cookers




The BBQ series are favorites with the chicken cooking crowd. Meadow Creek chicken cookers are winning awards in many barbecue cookoffs and can be seen in almost any setting from backyard feasts to cooking for hundreds at fund raisers.









All of the units have locking double sided pivoting grates of expanded stainless steel. These grates have handles designed to conveniently and safely turn the meat or remove it when the cooking is completed. Removable ash pans make cleanup a snap.